Earthquake in Abruzzo : here is the shock recorded by the seismograph of the Vesuvius and the various considerations




Here is the route of the Vesuvius Observatory seismograph recorded the dawn of 6 April 2009.

Sismografo Osservatorio Vesuviano

Vesuvius Observatory Seismograph, click to enlarge

UPDATE: This, Instead the track recorded by the Civil Defence of Foligno, much closer to L'Aquila
Terremoto 6 aprile da Foligno

As confirmed by many testimonies, èstata distinctly felt the shock is in the province of (Fourth) that further north, in Caserta.

More details on this link

More details on European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre / European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
and on the institution of the national geophysics and volcanology

The quake was followed by dozens of replicas, the strongest of which occurred at 4:37 Italian with a magnitude equal to 4.6. All these shocks occurred at crustal depths (i entered 10-12 km), typical of the Apennines earthquakes.

How can a man who has administered two bags of garbage, who said that the researcher had warned days ago:

AQUILA – Will renege on the words, and also the complaint Bertolaso, who had asked for exemplary punishment for the technical researcher who works at the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso, which last week warned that there would have been in the Abruzzo earthquake. Instead, Giampaolo Giuliani, this is its name, Alarm has been denounced for procured by the Civil Protection, guilty of spreading false and misleading, which have plunged the locals into a panic. Giuliani based his prediction on an analysis of a gas, Radon, that is released from the crust, and has built large cubic lead to monitor the soil rich in this gas. Although at the moment is virtually impossible to predict with absolute certainty the occurrence of these phenomena, Giuliani was not believed, indeed it was immediately denounced. Bertolaso ​​told him, “it takes an exemplary punishment for those idiots who enjoy spreading false news”

Talk about a researcher at the Laboratory of Gran Sasso, curse!

It is interesting to read the article entitled 5 requests to Giampaolo Giuliani

How can, I said, manage a crisis, which would generate a maddening detectors seismograph Vesuvius Observatory, due to an eruption and all that it would well, As would manage the evacuation in the most densely populated European Union?

Will miss a few heads, when this tragedy will? We discuss the bridge across the Strait in a country, with Japan, among the most earthquake in the world? What is your opinion?

The newspaper Ilcentro has created a map of the places hardest hit

Mappa del teremoto in Abruzzo

Update hours 18, INFN a statement clarifying the position of Giuliani:

Press release about the earthquake in Abruzzo

6 April 2009

In reference to news releases about the earthquake that struck the Abruzzo region last night, the National Institute of Astrophysics states as follows:

1. the National Institute of Astrophysics has as its mission and purpose of the study of phenomena occurring in space and the universe and not by earthquakes or other phenomena related to geophysics;

2. Mr. Gioacchino Giampaolo Giuliani is an undergraduate technical assistant of the Institute of Physics of Interplanetary Space in Turin, which is one of the twenty structures INAF;

3. Mr. Giuliani works, as a technical collaborator, at the National Laboratories of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) Gran Sasso on behalf of IFSI-INAF, as part of a multi-partner collaboration in the experiment LVD (Large Volume Detector) for the detection of neutrinos produced by gravitational collapse of stellar;

4. Mr. Giuliani compared the activities of the alleged possibility of forecasting earthquakes are not a search INAF, but are undertaken by Giuliani himself for personal reasons outside of service to the Institute.

In addition to support it is worth pointing out that:

(PRIMAPRESS) ROME – Giampaolo Giuliani, a man denounced for procured alarm because he predicted an earthquake of major proportions nell'aquilano wrong only a few days is not the only person to support you through the measurements of radon gas can understand if you are going to experience a seismic event . From Taiwan to the United States and even by Japanese experts on earthquake prediction system that for years it is customary. From numerous studies in earthquake-prone areas found that abnormality in the concentration of radon in the ground or into water from deep circulation (or at least from sources) are related to variations in the power of the earth's crust, and then to events of seismic. In recent years research on earthquake prediction is based mainly on observations of precursory phenomena. In each case the correlation between earthquakes and precursory phenomena is still difficult to understand why the causes and conditions which govern them are complex. A precursor occurs before an earthquake takes place. Over the last twenty years have identified several precursors, including the anomalous variation of radon in soil or in sources located near active faults. The most important problem that occurs when you decide to run a campaign monitoring of radon is to distinguish the signal from the issue anomalous feature of the site or even from the noise. At this point it remains unclear if the alarm, Giuliani launched by several days, although addressed to the town of Sulmona, could not be taken lightly. The fact is that today there is an attempt to minimize the former and avoid controversy, saying that no earthquake can be prevented. Yet, just click on the phrase “Radon earthquake precursor” qualsiasimotore from research to realize that it is a common practice around the globe and studied by our Universities eprsino. So do not just say that no one could predict and point. Prove the Woods, Barberi and others that Giuliani has hit the mark by a coincidence. Fortune? Coincidence? Or something else. The dead today, if not immediately, but in the coming weeks, require the utmost clarity on this story. And I will not shirk Bertolaso ​​a similar and necessary verification. (PRIMAPRESS)

Updating the 7 April 2009:

taken from the forum

Radon is a radioactive element that is in continuous production (where for “production” I understand that is part of one of the main chains of decay: / wiki / Catena_di_decadimento) Also in the walls of your house. However, being a gas, for more than a noble gas (that do not alloy with the other elements), he goes for his cock in the atmosphere. Underground this is not done, then the radon comes out only if you create fractures in the crust that allow the passage into the atmosphere.

There is no increase in the production of radon, because the radioactive decay follows a precise physical law. What I think happens is that the increase in the percentage of radon (measurable as is radioactive) is related to the shocks which precede the main event.

Now, surely it is an experimental procedure and those of civil defense will still be wondering what is radon. It’ But that annoying little friends of the Institute of Geophysics cover them throwing discredit on the poor Giuliani. Rather, I'd say maybe it's time to deepen the study of the correlation between the shock and loss to see if indeed these can be good indicators for predicting the occurrence of an earthquake.

the fact that the fault is fractured to create fuoriscita rise from underground radon, in turn a decay product of Broadcasting, might be reasonable .

And so it might be reasonable to look for a warning is sensitive to increases in the presence of certain radioisotopes directly correllabili to radon decay, because they have to consider the cesium or strontium could actually bring on the trail of a different.

This graph shows emissions of radon due to spaccamento the earth's crust in these days:

Radon, emissioni dalla stazione di Coppito

Radon, emissions from the station Coppito

I'd say then it would be worthwhile to conduct some research, as indeed it has long ago in Japan and the U.S..

Updating 8 April 2009:

Interview with Giuliani to door to door, where it is compared (at least in theory…) with so-called “Scientists”.

Here's interview yesterday with Vespa:

Another interesting thing is to be Marco Travaglio

Impregilo! One, she always.
The same that caused the waste emergency in Naples.
The same one that was able to increase esponenazialmente expenses for the work of TAV which has caused enormous environmental damage. (View: Impregilo convicted)
The same working on Lambeth-Reggio Calabria and in recent days has sought and obtained an extension of the delivery of the work of three years, of course getting other funds. (Read the news)
The same that won the contract for the construction of the Messina Bridge.
The same one that will build on our territory the nuclear.
The same whose vertices have been investigated from the hip.

Interesting, not? Who imagined? At the bottom Impregilo has never been in the midst of scandals of this type…
I invite you to read the entire article.

Ecco la faglia del terremoto dAbruzzo

rupture of the earth's crust that caused the violent earthquake, click to enlarge

Technically called a fault and that is another normal fault, experts say, ie for a relaxing break. At that point the earth was enlarged. The effect has been the earthquake. The fault is located on the outskirts of Onna, fraction of the Eagle, about three hundred meters away from homes that were totally destroyed. It is largely about 35 cm and it is possible infilarci a leg, extends for length for more than 40 meters along the river Aterno. We can say that, Always according to the experts, This failure caused the earthquake in Abruzzo.

In this video, taken from youtube, Giampaolo Giuliani, explaining how he expected the earthquake, in data 30 March 2009

Updating 9 April 2009:

New tremor of magnitude in Abruzzo 5.1, the night of 9 April. The depth, in this case was more (15km) and therefore has not been able to damage such as those of the 6 April.

This map of the earthquake from today’INGV:

Terremoto Abruzzo 9 Aprile 2009

Years: 42.484 N
Lon: 13.343 It
Magnitude (Ml): 5.1
Depth: 15.4 km

Towns within 10km
Barete (AQ)
Capitignano (AQ)

Common among 10 s 20km
CAGNANO Amiterno (AQ)
Lucoli (AQ)
Scoppito (AQ)
Tornimparte (AQ)
Crognaleto (TO)

And in the meantime, unfortunately, the total deaths rise to 278…

- The opinions of experts (by

Franco Barberi: “if the same earthquake in L'Aquila had occurred in California or in Japan there was not one dead“.

The prediction of seismic events is the subject of study and possible, but with a degree of approximation that makes risk management issues in relation to population and urban areas. The uncertain prediction of the earthquake could cause damage, however, important. However, it is undeniable that the correct and cautious communication of a risk exists and education, also civic, collectively to address emergency situations that could help the Citizens, particularly elderly and / or weak, affontare to the event of earthquake.
It’ also good to clear, in the margin of the frequent statements of these days, that say that a “prediction is impossible” is a tautology, that has little scientific interest. Their task is to understand the degree of uncertainty surrounding a forecast and if this uncertainty is acceptable or not for the management and risk communication.
A procedure of this kind, in fact, facilitate the dissemination of culture of prevention and Education and collectively to address civically relevant facts in common.

Measures seemingly modest, how to think in advance to an escape route to be followed in case of emergency, that such things do not, namely how to deal with the problem of child, the weak and the elderly in the event has necessitated a rapid shift away from homes, could be decisive.
Besides the views of the members of “Commission big risks”, that the rest had already been expressed in recent weeks, it might be useful to hear the opinion of other experts, also international, on.
In recent years, research has allowed us to get weather with a probability of 80% but refer to geographical and temporal surroundings is not small and not “enough” defined:

Then, as can be seen in this book

In. I. Utkin , It. Mamyrov , M. In. Can , S. In. Krivasheev , A. K. Yurkov, I. I. Kosyakin and A. N. Shishkanov: “Radon monitoring in the Northern Tien Shan with application to the process of tectonic earthquake nucleation”, Izvestiya Physics of the Solid Earth, Volume 42, Number 9 / September, 2006, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica distributed exclusively by Springer Science

In Russia they have already been performed and are PUBLISHED laprevisione studies about earthquakes using radon emissions. Why we are still here to point out the heretic as happened with Galileo Galilei?

The data presented in the article show that the monitoring of radon can be used successfully
for studying the formation processes of earthquakes.

The model for the formation of tectonic earthquake data used in the proposed
multidisciplinary monitoring of geophysical (including monitoring of radon) for
obtain a deterministic indicator in the formation of the earthquake

Here's a preview of the book (click to enlarge):

Previsione dei terremoti col radon è possibile

Earthquake prediction is possible with radon

UPDATE 13 April 2009:

Just to reiterate, here is part of the transmission of Thursday, Year Zero 9 April, where Giuliani was interviewed and a stunned Mario Giordano (Then it will take light to his bosses and Fini, and now thanks to which such Silvio B. said they were shocked and outraged by the transmission of Thursday). And some, enough to see the entire transmission to see what is not his taste, and what other programs have not shown this sad story…

About, What do you think of that “idiot prankster” Giuliani at the Department of Environmental Sciences dell'univaq? LINK

Regarding further details of Impregilo and the construction of the hospital, rimando a INTERESTING FOR THIS ARTICLE EMILIO F.TORSELLO and I quote a short piece, hoping that some news spread as much as possible.

The consortium of San Salvatore. Here are the names of those who, in 30 age, Aquila built the hospital

They are called "lots" and the different parts of a structure. L'Aquila L'ospedale, when it was designed, I had lots of 13 and was the 1972. As he writes Mauro Maugeri, the Sun 24 Hours, The architect who designed the entire structure was such Venturini, while the calculations made them Giangaspare Squadrilli.

But we begin to dissolve the fabric of society, in turn, took care of San Salvatore.[…]

Unfortunately, all 23 and 15, yet another quake of magnitude 4.9 degrees affects the area of ​​the Eagle.
Dice, that the location’ more’ close to the epicenter are Capitignano, Campotosto, Pizzoli and Barrete. Shock and’ was also felt in Umbria, Marche, in Rome and throughout the Abruzzo coast.

When going to end '? :(

Updating the 19 April 2009:

Citing, a few minutes ago:

15:01 Piedmont, earthquake

Earthquake felt in Turin. It’ was recorded at 14.39, magnitude 3.9. Conivolti the towns of Bra, Sanfrè and Pocapaglia, all in the province of Cuneo. The earthquake was also felt in Turin

15:35 Fear in Turin: “Fairly vibrated”

Fear among the people of Turin who have felt the earthquake. “I was sitting in the chair – says someone from the central railway station of Porta Nuova – when, suddenly, I felt like shaking”. A woman, in the area of ​​long-Po, explained that he felt “vibrate violently blinds” and having heard “a noise like someone was trying to enter the house”. The quake was also felt in Asti and Alba (Wedge), where a resident said: “I was working on the computer sitting on a stool. Suddenly I felt pushed forward, to the counter. It’ lasted a couple of seconds”

Curious, the distance seems too much to be an aftershock, that is a combination?
We await news…

The Italian Experimental Seismic Network says:

Hypocentral depth of approximately 40 km. felt in many areas of Piedmont and Liguria. Location Nearest the epicenter, Ceresole, Carmagnola, Cavallermaggiore, Good